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Payment Integration Service

Enables Customers to pay online” to
“Let’s help you integrate online payments

Social Media Marketing

Introducing Glosmart biz social media marketing - the perfect way to get your business online and start reaching new customers! With our help, you'll be able to create a social media profile that will reflect the unique personality of your business. We'll help you come up with engaging content that will keep your followers interested and engaged Don't miss out on this opportunity

Search Engine Optimization

Give your business visibility when customers search online

Chat BOT Integration

Glo smartbiz chat bot is a powerful tool that enables businesses to manage and automate their customer interactions. With glo smartbiz chat bot, you can quickly and easily create custom bots that will handle all of your customer's needs, from booking appointments to answering questions. Chat BOT Management is the perfect solution for businesses who want to improve their customer service without hiring more staff.

Chat BOT Management

Manage the interaction with your customers via Chat BOT


Accounting, Payroll, CRM and Inventory management systems

Email Marketing/Analytics

If you're looking for an easy way to boost your business, look no further than Glo Smartbiz email marketing and analytics. Our simple yet powerful software makes it easy to create beautiful emails
that will capture the attention of your customers.
Plus, our detailed analytics give you a complete overview of how your campaigns are performing,
so you can optimize them for maximum ROI. Don't
miss out on this essential tool for any business - get started today

Social Media Integration

Redirect your social medial handles, followers to your websites

Business Name Registration

Register your business name without any stress at affordable cost

CAC Registration

Register your company with us with ease

SIM card and router

It needs to be picked up from any Glo world or Sales dealer as it requires NIN registration.

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